Monday, 9 January 2017

Book your Southwest airline flights with these easy steps

Southwest Airlines as we all know is the leading airlines of the United States. Its headquarters is in Dallas, Texas. If you’ve any plans to travel to places or you’ve planned for a vacation with your family and friends then avail tickets of Southwest airlines and fly to your destination.

southwest airlines booking number

But first of all know about the reservation process of the Southwest airline. To know about the procedure you just need to follow the below mentioned steps or you can also call on the Southwest airlines reservation number to get more information about the respective airline. The representative who are present on the phone lines are well informed about the flights of the Southwest airlines and will further provide all the necessary details about the flight.

Southwest airline reservation process!

  • First of all you need to visit the official site of the respective airline.
  • After visiting the website you need to select your preferences.
  • Choose your departure date, arrival city, number of passengers traveling etc.
  • Then select on search flights option.
  • After selecting on this option you’ll get to see different flights and its details.
  • Choose the best flight according to your selected preferences.
  • Read the baggage policy and then add your baggage services.
  • Passenger list will be displayed in which you need to fill your information like your full name, gender, date of birth etc.
  • Payment method is the concluding step in which after you’ve booked your flight to your destination you have to pay for it. You can pay through your debit or credit card.
  • Ones the payment is done your reserved ticket will be emailed on your provided email id as well as will be SMS to you on your phone number.

Besides, you can also book tickets through various booking sites and can also seek help from the travel agents to know about flights and its timings.

Roku Tech Support For Various Types Of Roku Technical Issues!

Roku is one of the leading manufacturer of streaming devices, which is used by the billions of users around the world. Users can enjoy live streaming of daily TV shows, videos, music and videos online. Behind these awesome features, sometimes users face many technical issues while using the Roku device, which is not easy to fix by the users himself. In such types of conditions, users have to be needed a technical help to resolve the issues.
roku tech support

Some Of The Technical Issues Of Roku Is Given Below:
  • Issues related to account creation.
  • Roku remote is not responding and working properly.
  • Internet connectivity issues.
  • Password recovery issues.
  • Unable to update Wi-Fi security key.
  • Installation issues.
  • Wireless router not responding properly.
How To Reset Roku Password?
If you want to change the password of your Roku account, then apply the following steps:
  • Open your computer and go to the
  • Now click on the Forgot password option.
  • Now enter Roku account ID and click on the Submit icon.
  • After that, a password recover email will be sent to the email ID.
  • Now open that link in email and then it will redirects you in the next page.
  • Now enter your new password under the Create password page to complete the process.
Get World Class Roku Tech Support!
Are you facing any technical errors with your Roku account, Then what you think? Contact with Roku tech support team to get the reliable help from the technicians. These technicians are well qualified and certified by the company. When you contact with them, they will listen your queries carefully and gives you an effective solutions on various types of issues in a smooth way with 100% customer satisfaction. These supportive numbers are available at 24/7 hours.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Pogo Game Won’t Load - Try Simple Steps If Your Pogo Game Is Not Loading

How can handle the Pogo game if it won’t load?

You have managed an hour to relax mode and planned to play a marathon session at pogo; a cup of hot coffee is on your desk. But your mood turns off when you came to know that the game won’t load. It is more frustrating for you because you are not even familiar with the troubleshooting steps. Well, the customer service brings some exciting troubleshooting steps for you. Your job is to try these methods.

Try a different browser

Maybe you are using the IE browser, but the recent version of Java is not compatible with your browser. Pogo tech support recommends you to make the use of a different browser if the first one is not useful for you. Unlimited numbers of browsers are there for you to use in this context. However, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox are highly recommended ones.

Clear your browser

1.Clear your browser’s cache
2.Close your browser and restart it
3.Now your job is to re-launch it from the menu
4.Your screen will now present a list at BadgeHungry’s Ranks & Badges page
5.It will give you the chance to clear cache for Flash and Java games
6.Delete all sites is going to end up your troubleshoot


You have selected the Start Game menu for initiating the game, but it has not started. In this framework, you are strictly suggested to hold down your shift key while reloading the page. The reload/refresh icon will be found near your browser’s address bar. Obviously, you need to look for this icon. If you press shift-refresh, your browser will ignore its cache which will initiate the game loading speed. Else, you are recommended to get in touch with Pogo customer service, which is acknowledged for its instant and flawless support services. Skilled team is efficiently providing these services.

Google Help Phone Number- How to tackle the Google Mail account related problems?

Google mail provides free service of sending emails and other email management features in the mail account which is also known as Gmail. There are various labs available for Gmail using which one can manage the emails in the account and also enhance the email security. Gmail prevents any outside interference into the email account also hacking into the email account is very difficult. Large size attachments can be sent along with the emails and also user can manage the emails in various folders.

Now there can be issues with the Google mail account which can be tackled with easy troubleshooting. Facing problem in accessing is emails is a common problem and often a user gets confused how to solve that problem. Check the browser first and make sure that it’s working perfectly with cache & cookies not creating any difficulty. In the next phase check if the network connectivity is strong. If it is weak then it is advisable to use the older version of the email account.

Also check that Gmail user is using the correct login details mainly the password. Incorrect password will not enable the email account access and if the user has forgotten the email account password, then reset the password to recover the emails. For that, visit the forgot password link and follow the on-screen steps for the email account password reset. To prove the authentication of the account user need to have access to the alternate email address or registered phone number. Once that is done user can now create a new email password and recover the emails.

There can also be trouble while trying to sync the email account with various devices or email clients. To do that, enable and show system labels in IMAP. Here are the steps to do that –
  • Login to Gmail account and click on ‘Settings’ from the gear icon.
  • Now at the top, click on ‘Forwarding & POP/IMAP’ tab.
  • Select ‘Enable IMAP’ under IMAP Access and then click ‘Save Changes’.
  • Now click on the label tab at the top and select the checkbox of ‘Show in IMAP’ for Sent Mail, Draft, All Mail and Trash.
  • Set the System Labels as ‘Show in IMAP’.

Dial the Google support phone number for help and support over any Gmailrelated trouble. Remotely the problem is identified and then a solution is provided. Trained technicians are available over the helpline number, so discuss the issues with the expert to get a quick fix solution.

Friday, 6 January 2017


windows 10 support phone number
Windows 10 support 1-877-478-6650
Since the emergence of the Windows 10 in the Software Industry, more and more customers are switching towards it because of its unique and extraordinary features. However, since many customers are unaware of its widely enhanced features, therefore, they get stuck many a times and face numerous problems while working on it. The majority of the Windows 10 users face a large number of issues, which are mentioned below.

1) Errors while installing Windows 10 on their PC’s.
2) Errors related to the Black Screen and Blue screen of Death (BSOD).
3) Issues related to configuring various email accounts on their PC’s.
4) Updating their Windows 10 OS to its latest version.
5) Windows 10 PC gets hanged many a times.
6) Issues while connecting their PC to the Internet.
7) Errors while booting their Windows PC and while backing up their important data on Windows.

All these issues can be fixed instantly just by dialling the windows 10 support phone number through which you can avail the result oriented services from the Tech Experts of the Windows 10 Support Team. As soon as you dial this number, you will be asked to select the category of your issues specific to your Windows 10 OS device. After that, your call will be forwarded to the specialist experts dedicated to that particular category of your issue.

Moreover, you can contact them anytime because of the 24 X 7 and 365 days availability of their toll-free number, which makes their service as the best one in the Tech Support Industry. You can also ask the experts to provide you the step by step tutorials for troubleshooting your specific issues. They also guide their users as what precautions they have to take and what things should they definitely avoid while working with their Windows PCs. So, instead of sitting helpless alone and wondering how to fix your issues, just pick your mobile now and immediately dial our helpline number to clear all your doubts and queries efficiently.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Microsoft Customer Service For Various Microsoft's Technical Issues!

There is no need to introduce Microsoft because everyone well known about this company. Microsoft is one of the most popular American based MNC company. It is very popular for developing various types of software’s and operating system for computers. Microsoft is very advanced in technology level as it provides various email service like Outlook, MSN and operating systems like Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, Linux etc.
microsoft tech support phone number

Billions of users around the world are using the services of Microsoft. Sometimes users face many technical errors while using the Microsoft’s product. These issues creates difficulties during the work.

Some Of The Technical Issues Of Microsoft Is Given Below, Which Is Faced By The Users:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer crashes issues. 
  • Outlook installation and set up issues. 
  • Hotmail is not syncing with other email account. 
  • Windows repair and optimization errors. Windows installation issues. 
  • Microsoft Word stopped working. Wireless and wired networking issues. 
  • MSN account password recover issues. 
  • Microsoft PowerPoint hanging issues. 
  • Unable to send emails from Outlook. 
  • Windows updating issues. 

All of the above issues are faced by the Microsoft users everyday. It is very necessary to fix these issues with the help of technical experts.

Microsoft Customer Service 

Microsoft issues are not easy to resolve without an experts help. If you are an user of Microsoft and facing any difficulties, then wait for what? Contact with Microsoft customer service, which is the most likely a viable approach to get an effective help from the technicians to settle any of the intricate issues. All the technical experts are certified by the company. you can fix your issues by simply sending an email or remote support at whenever from anyplace whether from your home or your office with 100% customer satisfaction.

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