Thursday, 10 November 2016

How do I recover a lost draft email message in Hotmail?

Recovering a lost draft email message in Hotmail – the finest ways
Before going through the recovery process, the user is supposed to confirm whether he/she has saved the draft or not. A saved draft can only be recovered. However, finding out the saved draft option is the first thing a person can do for recovering a message. It will be available on the outlook toolbar line, along with Insert, Send, Spell check, Options, and Cancel. The user should know that a misalliance of the web browser can be the reason behind this problem. That’s why browser optimization can settle the problem. It also improves browser performance. Hotmail phone number suggests the user (who is a victim) to re-launch his/her browser and hence he/she can check if the problem has settled or not. But it is suggested to upgrade the browser to the latest version. Cleaning out the unnecessary clutter in the hard disk is the other way to troubleshoot this problem. Nevertheless, Windows Live Mail can be used in its troubleshoot. If the user involves WLM for settling down the issue, he/she can organize mail, calendar, and contacts quite easily. It gives him/her the chance to add an account. Even the same program can be used to check multiple accounts. More interestingly, the concerned process is effective without an Internet connection. The customer care is also instrumental is providing direct troubleshooting service to the victim users. Known as the best way to resolve this problem, technical support experts can be connected by Hotmail phone number. It is 24 hours’ open helpline number that is receptive and user-friendly. Due to their vast knowledge, any user can solve his/her draft making a query from these professionals. In addition to this, the same number is also effective against the other problems of Hotmail account.

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