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My iPhone's Backlight Won't Turn Off

Known as back light, the device display in iPhone automatically turns off (after the period of inactivity) due to its auto-Lock feature. It does not turn off if the feature is not activated. However, back-light malfunction is a common issue raised by the iPhone users. Fixing a time limit is the first thing suggested by the apple customer support. Changing iPhone's Auto-Lock settings is the other thing that is suggested. However, restarting the iPhone after restoring the factory settings could bring the desired result for you. 

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How to auto-lock the iPhone? 

·         Open the Home Screen of your iPhone
·         Go to the Settings section
·         Select General
·         Scroll down the General Screen
·         Press the Auto-Lock icon to open this section 
·         Use the given options to select the time limit

How to restore the iPhone?

·         Connect your iPhone to a power source
·         Open the Home Screen of your iPhone
·         Go to the Settings section
·         Press the Settings icon
·         Hit the General icon and open the section 
·         Scroll to the bottom of the screen 
·         Press the Reset to open the Reset screen
·         Select the Erase All Content and Settings option
·         Please enter your iPhone's passcode (if it is applicable)
·         Erase iPhone from the pop-up menu is the next job you are supposed to do
·         Restore your iPhone to factory settings

How to restart the iPhone?

·         Close all applications that are running
·         Hit the Sleep/Wake button 
·         Hold it until the Slide to Power Off icon appears on your screen
·         You need to drag this icon to the right
·         Let the iPhone to turn off
·         Press the Sleep/Wake button again
·         Do not forget that the iPhone takes 10 to 15 seconds to appear the Apple logo  

How to contact with the customer care? 

In case, the given tips are not helpful to you, you are invited by the technical support team. This team is connected with a user-friendly helpline channel that is outstanding in deliveranceDue to its world-wide accessibility, you need to dial iPhone customer support number once. It never leaves any iPhone user unsatisfied. 

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