Thursday, 20 October 2016

How to resolve if Hotmail account not working on Outlook?

Microsoft changes its services time to time for the various updates in his services and moving the Hotmail to Outlook is one of them. The move from Hotmail to Outlook hasn't been without issues, in actuality there's been a couple of issues or problems with users about Hotmail at various times.
On the off chance, if you are one of them who are moving from Hotmail to Outlook by the Microsoft, then you would not be happy since the programmed switch and not being able to change back to Hotmail once more. If your Hotmail account not working in outlook, then you have to be need have configure it into the Outlook. Follow the below steps to resolve that issue:

·        Step 1:- First of all, open your computer and click on the File menu. It is located at the left corner of the window.

·        Step 2:- After that, under the windowpane of the Account Information, click on the Add Account to create a new account in Outlook.

·        Step 3:- Now choose your mail account, and after that, enter your name.

·        Step 4:- Now Type and enter your email address and password of the account which you have want to add.

·        Step 5:- Now enter your password again, and after that, click on the Next option.

·        Step 6:- Click on the Finish option, When you seen a message on-screen of Congratulations.

·        Step 7:- Now restart Hotmail to configure on outlook.

By following these steps, your Hotmail account is ready to working on Outlook.

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