Monday, 24 October 2016

Now contact with Windows customer care in various ways!!

Are you a user of windows? And looking for any technical support about your issues or queries, then Microsoft provides you a relevant help. Windows customer service can be obtained in various modes, which are given below:

Microsoft support number :- if you face any kind of technical issues, then you call on Microsoft support numbers from Monday to Friday, 5 AM to 9 pm and in Saturday and Sunday, 6 AM to 9 pm. You can easily find the Microsoft support number from the officially site of Microsoft and check the specific time of calling. Before call on these numbers, remember the name and version of your product, in which problems is occurred, this will help the Microsoft executives to find out any solutions quickly.

Chat support: - users can also contact with the technicians by online chat support service. When you send an email in the chat support box, a customer executive will be online and available to give the answers of your questions related to your issues or problems.

Email support: - it is another way to contact with them. Just fill the form of your query and they will contact with you soon via email


For more information and to reach official support department.

How to keep unwanted Google mail out of your inbox?

If you’re a Gmail account user and you don’t want a long queue of unwanted mails in your inbox, then this post will definitely help you find best possible ways of resolving this issue. There are several ways through which you can delete or keep aside the unwanted emails from your inbox.

·          You can block the sender
·          Unsubscribe from the sender
·          Report the message depending on the type of email.

To Block the sender, follow the below given steps:

a)     If you’re on the desktop screen, open the email account.
b)     Go to the folder of inbox located at the left pane on screen.
c)     Now at the top right of the email, click on the down arrow.
d)     And, click Block [sender].

You can follow the below given steps if you wish to resolve this issue in your Android or windows phones.
a)     If you’re on the Android or tablet phone, open the email account.
b)     Go to the folder of inbox located at the left pane on screen.
c)     Now at the top right of the message folder, click on the grey down menu.
d)     And, click Block [sender].

Just in case, you’ve blocked someone and you wish to unblock it then, do not worry! It is quite easy to do that without any obstruction! To know more about this or any other related to Google, you can do it visiting official website of Google or Gmail in an instant! 

Call Google customer service phone number for instant online assistance form Google certified tech support team.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

How to resolve if Hotmail account not working on Outlook?

Microsoft changes its services time to time for the various updates in his services and moving the Hotmail to Outlook is one of them. The move from Hotmail to Outlook hasn't been without issues, in actuality there's been a couple of issues or problems with users about Hotmail at various times.
On the off chance, if you are one of them who are moving from Hotmail to Outlook by the Microsoft, then you would not be happy since the programmed switch and not being able to change back to Hotmail once more. If your Hotmail account not working in outlook, then you have to be need have configure it into the Outlook. Follow the below steps to resolve that issue:

·        Step 1:- First of all, open your computer and click on the File menu. It is located at the left corner of the window.

·        Step 2:- After that, under the windowpane of the Account Information, click on the Add Account to create a new account in Outlook.

·        Step 3:- Now choose your mail account, and after that, enter your name.

·        Step 4:- Now Type and enter your email address and password of the account which you have want to add.

·        Step 5:- Now enter your password again, and after that, click on the Next option.

·        Step 6:- Click on the Finish option, When you seen a message on-screen of Congratulations.

·        Step 7:- Now restart Hotmail to configure on outlook.

By following these steps, your Hotmail account is ready to working on Outlook.

How to resolve Google account not working? Fix your Google account issues now

Google offers all cutting-edge mailing office for clients to give a bother free mailing background for them. Clients can appreciate customized mail composing office, modified foundation and simple network from all gadgets with the Google. In the past years, a huge number of the customers confront the issue of not getting the messages in their Google account. To fix the Google account not working issue, you have to take after the alternatives said in this article.

  • Check your spam folder to see if there lays the mail which you are looking for.
  • Enable all of your email tabs like primary, social, updates, and forums as one of the alternatives for this issue.
  • Check the filters in your Google account by searching for the domain of your receiving mail.
  • Check the trash folder to see if your received email has not deleted yet.
  • If you are fetching an e-mail from another account that may have stopped, then Check Mail using POP3 by going to the Settings tab and then selecting Accounts.
  • If the above alternatives do not work for you then in your Google account, go to Settings, then Inbox and finally, on Inbox Type, and make sure it is set to Classic.
  • You should also check if you have given your Google account access to any other web sites or utilities.
  • Call Google customer service phone number if you can't able to resolve problems.

All the previously mentioned choices should be followed by every one of those clients who confront the issue of not receiving the messages in their Google account.

For more information about Google support department 

Friday, 14 October 2016

Some Easy Steps to How to Configure Hotmail Email Account on Outlook 2010

Outlook is one of the leading email service provided by the Microsoft. In present days, Microsoft updates Hotmail users to Outlook has now come up with new important and quick features in the new version of Outlook 2010. With the wide variety of options, Outlook means to give users all the more comfort and support.

How to Configure Hotmail Email Account on Outlook 2010?

·        You can easily configure Hotmail in Outlook 2010 with some easy steps, which are given below :
·        Step 1 :- First of all, open your computer and click on the File menu which is located at the upper-left corner of the window.
·        Step 2 :- now under the windowpane of Account Information, click on the Add Account to create a new account in Outlook 2010.
·        Step 3 :- Now select your mail account, and after that, enter your name.
·        Step 4 :- Now Type and enter the email address and password of the account which you have to add.
·        Step 5 :- Now enter your password again, and click on the Next.
·        Step 6 :- When you seen a message on-screen of Congratulations, then click on the Finish.
·        Step 7 :- Now restart your outlook to complete the process.

      When you add your account, Outlook will automatically start syncing your data. When you reopen your Outlook 2010 account, you'll find the Outlook account you just added with the help of above steps. If you face any technical issues or have any other queries, you can easily contact with the Hotmail customer support number. These numbers are active at 24/7 hours. These technicians have good knowledge about every service provided by the Microsoft and they can give you an informative solution about your issues or problems.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016 or Hotmail not saving sent emails?

Outlook makes it easy for users to send email and get connected with others. It is also easy to synchronies outlook with other email and makes it easy for them to work. There it might happen with users that they find it difficult to work on outlook as it sometimes happens that outlook does not saves the send email. This might happen due to the issue that save copies of messages in the sent item folder option has been disabled. If this happens then it becomes difficult for users to keep a record of their work and unable to access it when required. In order to overcome the issue, users are required to follow the given steps

·         Select file and then options
·         Choose mail option from the dialog box appeared
·         Go to the save messages section
·         Select the option of save copies of messages in the sent items folder
·         Select OK

After completing the procedure, users will be able to get their send emails saved and use it whenever required. If users fail in doing so, then they are required to visit the hotmail customer service phone number page where they will get different options to get help for their issues. Users can also visit the community section and look for different discussions made by users related to their issues and get possible solution for their issues.

Users can also call on the outlook phone number where they will be able to interact with the experts available 24/7 to provide assistance in different issues.

How to recover your Google account? Google Account Password Recovery

Google offers its clients a free email service called Gmail. However, the Google users face a large number of issues, among which the majority faces the issue of recovering their old Google account.

You can follow the steps, which are mentioned below in order to recover your old Google account:

         Step 1: First of all, Launch the web browser on your PC.
      Step 2: In the second step, go to the official accounts recovery page of Google by typing this address on the address bar
         Step 3: Enter your email address of the Google account in the box, which you want to recover.
         Step 4: Click on the Next button.
         Step 5: Enter in the box, the last password of your Google account, which you remember now.
       Step 6: If you do not remember your Google account password, then click on the Try a different question link.
         Step 7: Enter the required information in the box.
         Step 8: Click on the Next button.
        Step 9: Click on the Send text message button to get a verification code on your mobile number, which is associated with your old Google account.
    Step 10: Enter the six digits code, which you receive on your mobile number.
         Step 11: Click on the Next button.
         Step 12: Enter your recovery email address in the box provided.
         Step 13: Click on the Done button.
         Step 14: Check your account permissions in the next step.
         Step 15: Click on the Done button.
         Step 16: Check your Gmail settings in the next step.
         Step 17: Click on the Done button.
         Step 18: In the next step, check your 2-Step Verification settings.
         Step 19: Click on the Done button.
         Step 20: Click on the Continue button.

You have recovered your old Google account now. In case any problem occurs, you can dial the Google customer care number 24 X 7 and 365 days to get the best help.